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The city of Carcassonne

located at 1 hour from the campsite.

Widely known for its medieval citadel, its many watchtowers and its double enclosure deserves a little detour!

Walks in the Cathar country within a 1 hour radius of the campsite

22 exceptional sites located in natural settings, each one more spectacular than the next

The Cathar castles

of Montségur, Lastours, Termes, Arques, Quéribus, Aguilar, Usson, Saissac, Villerouge-termenes, Peyrerpertuse and the no less famous Puillaurens will catch your eye and arouse your desire to know a little more!

Beautiful abbeys

They will mark out the circuit of your vacations. The abbey of Saint-Hilaire, the one of Fontfroide, or the one of Villelongue, maybe the one of Alet-les-Bains, the one of Lagrasse and its medieval city, the one of Caunes-Minervois and finally the abbey-cathedral of Saint-Papoul of the master Cabestany will do nothing but satisfy your desire for grandeur and beauty!

History museums

The one in Quercorb on the art of the craftsmen and the troubadours,
The museum of Catharism in Mazamet, you will certainly find all the answers you need about the dark history of the life, the faith and the destiny of the Cathars of Occitania

The Cathar Trail (GR367)

“To walk the Cathar Trail is to dive into a poignant history.

The Cathar Trail is 250 kms long and leads from Port la Nouvelle to Foix through two departments, Aude and Ariège, passing through the Pyrenees towards the Mediterranean.
It is on foot, horseback or mountain bike that you will discover the landscapes of the Corbières and the Pyrenees.

From the campsite you can reach the castle of Puillurens, by the path in less than 2 hours (7 kms)

Two unforgettable outings:

The “Vélo rail” on the century-old railway line and its two circuits, the Radeliers and the Bûcherons. Departure from Axat station !

The Red Train” the train of the Cathar country and fenouillèdes, 60 kms between Axat and Rivesaltes of memorable discoveries, tunnels, viaducts, castles, gorges, vineyards everything is there!

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